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Consent to Contact for Clinical Trial Participation

4 Medical Clinical Solutions (4MCS) is an organisation committed to the development of new medical devices and medicines for human health. The focus of 4MCS is to conduct clinical trials (research studies) for novel medicines in connection with major pharmaceutical companies. There are numerous diseases that require effective and safe medicines to treat them. Conducting clinical trials are vital for the development of new medicines.

People taking part in clinical trials are important to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new drugs. From time to time, 4MCS would require people with specific diseases to take part in clinical trials during new drug development. If you would like 4MCS to contact you for future research, please complete the form below and the 4MCS team will be in touch with you.
Why have I been chosen?
You are suffering from a specific illness. If there is a clinical trial which requires people with your diagnosis to participate, 4MCS will contact you to invite you to take part in the research.
Do I have to take part?
Clinical Research in diabetes is now on-going. If you are diabetic you may be eligible to take part in this study. For further information contact us.
Will my taking part in this project be kept confidential?
All data will be identified only by a code, with personal details kept in a locked file on a secure computer with access only by the immediate research team.
Name of Participant