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Disease Areas

If you or a loved one are suffering from any of the following diseases, contact us to see if you are eligible to be involved in a clinical study. Diabetes Blood pressure or heart problems Respiratory (lung) problems: Asthma, COPD Nerve problems in the hands and feet due to diabetes or any other issues Skin […]

Become a Volunteer

Consent to Contact for Clinical Trial Participation 4 Medical Clinical Solutions (4MCS) is an organisation committed to the development of new medical devices and medicines for human health. The focus of 4MCS is to conduct clinical trials (research studies) for novel medicines in connection with major pharmaceutical companies. There are numerous diseases that require effective […]


4MCS prides itself in caring for the community. Our dedicated study team will provide you and your accompanying person, a friendly, welcoming, and caring environment. You will receive professional support from our highly qualified medical and nursing team throughout the study period at no cost to you. 4MCS will offer full support with your travel […]

Benefits of Clinical Research

Frequent routine medical checks. Frequent assessment of treatment outcome. Patient focused, early identification of what is best to do for better patient care. Access to treatment options that may not be currently available in the market or through the NHS. Access to new and novel medications and medical devices. Any questions?

Advancing Medical Care

Medical care improvement massively depends on involvement of patients and volunteers. Become a volunteer in clinical research and take an active role in your own healthcare. Getting involved in clinical research gives you the opportunity to make a difference by helping to shape the medical advancement and availability of better treatment options for human diseases. […]