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Additional Services

Therapeutic Educational Services Subject Matter Experts at 4MCS can help your clinical development programmes with in depth literature search and compilation of bespoke therapeutic educational materials helping you to disseminate your ideas to relevant stakeholders. Medical Writing 4MCS is able to support your data dissemination. Medical Writing service at 4MCS can compile posters, and promotional […]

Disease Areas

Our team members have extensive experiences in clinical practice and clinical trials in the following therapeutic areas: 1. Cardiovascular2. Endocrinology & Metabolic diseases including Diabetes and Obesity3. Musculoskeletal: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout and Back Pain4. Chronic pain: including Peripheral Neuropathy5. Genitourinary Tract6. Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases7. Neurology and Psychiatry8. Dermatology Any questions?

4MCS Offering

Vast in-house database for rapid feasibility assessment of potential patient numbers for a given study. Real world evidence (RWE) based on access to > 100,000 patients is one of the key offerings of 4MCS, with loyalty being an important factor to our success. 4MCS understands the complexity of drug development and clinical research activities. With […]

Resources & Facilities

4MCS is proud of attracting high calibre research staff (doctors, research nurses, research assistants, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and data managers), IT experts and administrative team members. All staff employed by 4MCS are ICH-GCP trained and receive regular internal training to maintain the highest level of knowledge in patient focused care and regulatory compliance. Purpose-built, state-of-the-art […]

About 4MCS

4MCS has cumulative experience of over 130 years in clinical trialsĀ and the pharmaceutical industry, is an organisation dedicated to improving patient quality of life. 4MCS has access to a population of over 10 million residing in proximity of our research unit. 4MCS have a repository of over 26,000 patients with a wide range of diseases […]

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